Violets and Tea’s Virtual Garden Tours

Join Violets and Tea as we traverse the English countryside visiting our favourite gardens on our exclusive virtual garden tours.

Take in the sheer beauty of England's gardens and be enchanted by historic landscapes full of horticultural delights, all from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy some of the country’s most famous and lesser-known gardens, with exclusive access to stunning private gardens rarely open to the wider public.

On our virtual meanderings, we will be providing you with unrivalled behind-the-scenes access with the virtual tours guided by the very people who put their heart, soul and passion into creating and maintaining these wonders. You will also gain insight into historical events that shaped the gardens we explore, accompanied by background information on the topics raised; for a tour that is both inspiring and informative.

As a little treat from us (we all need it this year!), we are sharing our first virtual tour of the Garden at Miserden with everyone for free.

We are just starting on this journey ourselves, and invite you to come with us.

The Garden at Miserden

On what turned out to be the hottest day of the year, we headed to the Gardens at Miserden for the first of our Violets and Tea virtual garden tours.

I was joined by Major Tom and Nicholas Wills who guide us around this serene garden.

Virtual Garden Tour Details

Each virtual tour lasts for 30-40 minutes and includes a walk around the garden with the owner / gardener, plus accompanying relevant information.

We are offering a seasonal membership for £25 which enables you to view three exclusive virtual garden tours for two months after you pruchase a membership. We have chosen these gardens as they are little-known outside of England, yet are absolutely spectacular gems.

Tours available in this season include:

  • Helmsley Walled Garden, Yorkshire
  • Sussex Prairie Garden, Sussex
  • The Picton Garden, Heredfordshire

See our introduction videos below for a taste of these wonderful gardens.

Please register with Violets & Tea by clinking on the button below. Once registered, you will be taken through the process of purchasing seasonal membership. From here, you can access the virtual tours from our membership site as many times as you like until the end of your membership.

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Helmsley Walled Garden

Recently used for filming parts of The Secret Garden Film starring Colin Firth, Helmsley Walled Garden is a vibrant garden situated in Yorkshire.

Assistant Garden Manager Tricia Harris was the perfect host and guide on this glorious tour on a unseasonably chilly August day.

Sussex Prairie Garden

We are joined by the highly impressive Pauline McBride as she shows of her new creation, Sussex Prairie Garden. Created over the last 15 years with her husband Paul, this garden made us feel like we were a kid in a candy shop.

The Picton Garden

The Picton Garden is an astonishing garden in a lovely region of England known as the Three Counties specifically designed to glow late in the season. It sits alongside Old Court Nurseries which specialises in Asters.

We are joined by Helen Picton whose grandfather first created the garden and continued the work of Edwardian Aster breeder, Ernest Ballard.

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